Remembrance Sunday 11.11.11

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On the warmest Remembrance Sunday any of us can recall the band gathered for our annual parade and service at St. Stephens Church. In the absence of any surviving Seaforths' it seems all the more important that we should honour those, especially from our county who gave their lives. 

With our colours carried smartly by John Hollingworth, we led the main contingent of the Leicester parade to the Cenotaph before marching to St. Stephens'.

The wreath was laid in church at the newly positioned memorials which looked wonderful, flanked by the church's own plaques and placed directly below the 1939-1945 window depicting St. George and St. Andrew.

At the close of the service we marched off once more to the Cenotaph, collecting the main parade and leading them past the saluting dias.

Our remembrance concluded with the Act of Homage at the Cenotaph where another wreath was laid.

Both the band and our padre Lynn Fowkes felt that the younger generation of Seaforths' should have an active role in Remembrance and to this end our youngest drummers Will & Callum assisted in laying the wreath in church, Lottie read a prayer during the service and our smallest trainee dancer Rose escorted the standard and carried the wreath on parade. Thanks to all of them for looking so smart and carrying out their duties impeccably.