50th Anniversary Concert, De Montfort Hall, Leicester

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Whole Band behind orchestra

What a night!

After twenty months of planning, hundreds of hours of practice and rehearsal, several tantrums and a near breakdown...the 22nd October came around and the band and dancers, plus our helpers who we could never function without, (Paul and Mick, thank you!), assembled at De Montfort Hall at 9.30am to set up the stage.

Along with the amazing folk of the Ashby Concert Band we downed gallons of tea and coffee, ate our way through several kilo's of biscuits and cooked samosas on the tea urn..and began to rehearse.

Thanks to a very organised schedule and the brilliant technical staff at the Hall everything came together remarkably well and the day flew by in a whirl of musical and movement practice.

Finally we all broke for a well earned rest and a curry and then changed into kit.

The Hall filled up, the honoured guests arrived and the concert began. As the first strains of Distant Hills filled the auditorium the atmosphere was electric. Our audience were absolutely fantastic, they cheered applauded and clapped along with great enthusiasm and really made the evening.

I can't begin to tell you how proud I am of everyone who took part, Pipers, Drummers, Dancers, The Ashby Concert Band and our helpers, you all exceeded my wildest expectations to produce such a professional display. Thank you and well done to each and every one of you.

More photo's are in the Gallery and a special commemorative CD is available to purchase for just £5.00!